2019 Lexus UX 200 F Sport Premium Redefines Entry Level

2019 UX 200 F Sport in Orange Pearl
2019 UX 200 F Sport

For 2019, Lexus presents a compact premium hatchback that redefines “entry level.” What makes Lexus UX 200 F Sport worth $40,000?

The smallest Lexus in the 2019 model offering comes to North America refined, but not turbocharged.  Lexus touts this premium compact hatchback as a performance crossover, as offered in the F-Sport trim. And yes, there’s an argument for that, although the 8+ second zero to 60 speed check is not one of them.

Yet, in today’s tech-rich automotive world, performance is measured several ways, speed and torque, are but two. 2019 Lexus UX 200 F Sport is not quick by performance car standards. But it is fun to drive and responsive. The Advanced Car takes a closer look.

2019 Lexus UX 200 F Sport presents mind bending luxury car ride quality

At this point after driving every Lexus model available in North America, It takes a few miles to wrap my head around the maker’s only compact crossover. Exhilarating? Some times. What makes this baby Lexus worth $40,000?

Ride quality, handling, and seat comfort approach best in class for UX 200 F Sport. I give this Lexus compact high marks for leather clad seating comfort, power position adjustability, lumbar support, head, leg and shoulder room.

As a tall driver I rarely find king-sized comfort in a compact platform. However, sitting within a very well engineered and visually pleasing drive and ride environment, UX 200 F Sport presents a roomy, comfortable, sport-like driving experience punctuated by an instant-on responsive non-turbocharged 2.0L 169 Horsepower, 151 lb-ft torque @ 4800 RPM 4 speed gasoline engine.

2019 Lexus 200 F Sport does not offer all-wheel-drive option

Torque transfer is managed through a 10-speed-segmented CVT, (constant variable transmission) with steering wheel mounted sequential paddle shifting, and a consul mounted select shift stick.For those of you that dismiss CVT technology as search-happy and mechanically problematic, toss that notion. This is one if not the best working in the industry. Seamless comes to mind.

Side View Lexus 200 UX F-Sport

Our test ride is front wheel drive, yet handles pretty well in the wet. I did find the limits to this system somewhere on the back roads of western Oregon in the rain — but not dangerously so. Looking through the specifications, I don’t find an AWD (all-wheel-drive) option. Nonetheless, while driving aggressively I found traction and overall handling characteristics to be more than adequate. For those readers requiring all-wheel-drive, look to the Lexus 250H Hybrid.

Presenting exception drive and ride comfort

Rough roads are smoothed out considerable by a very good McPherson Strut front and multiple link suspension rear. Brake’s prove to be fade free, with decent albeit a bit loose road to steering wheel feedback to the driver. The downside is a relatively road-noisy cabin. Again, this is a Lexus

Dash and center stack layout pure Lexus

2019 Lexus 200 UX F-Sport Dash and monitor.

For 2019 Lexus ups the active safety, personal electronic connectivity, and ease of command control. Our UX 200 F Sport not only presents the overall cabin look and features of the luxury Lexus lineup, but makes it easy for the driver and passenger to personalize the travel experience

What do you want in a your crossover?

What do you need or want in a crossover? For those looking for an electronic rich sport-like commuter, presenting ease of handling, great fuel economy, and a comfortable cabin environment with Lexus looks and features, with a beginning MSRP of $34,000, 2019 Lexus UX 200 F is your portal to the lineup.

Price as tested: $41,285 * Includes delivery and dealer prep.

Lexus tells us “ Experience Amazing.” I’ve yet to be dissapointed. While not a high speed performance car.

What I like: Overall ride quality and road handling. Seat comfort, instrumentation, ease of touchpad tap and chose app selection. Body styling.

What I’d change: Not much. I believe the cabin could be quieter. This may be accomplished with a less aggressive tire tread, or noise isolating engineered rims.

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