Toyota Reveals Redesigned 2021 Sienna Minivan, Venza Hybrid

Redesigned 2021 Toyota Sienna Minivan Hybrid

Plano TX: Monday morning finds Toyota embracing the times with the video reveal of two new hybrid models from Plano, Texas. The long awaited redesigned 2021 Sienna Minivan comes forward with an exclusive gasoline/electric hybrid drive offering. Sienna fans also have an all-wheel-drive option available in 3 trim levels. This reveal is exciting, but wait there’s more!

Dynamic safety advanced and stylish 2021 Sienna Minivan

Released into the competitive world of minivans, the all new, all hybrid 2021 Sienna Minivan takes on Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey, with a drive dynamic, eye catching rendition of the very capable Toyota family hauler. Can a minivan be fun to drive and stylish? Looks like it. 

Toyota’s Bob Carter tells “The Advanced Car” that the re engineered Sienna comes to market in 3 trim levels, LE, XLE, and Platinum Edition, sporting an electric, gasoline powered hybrid drive-train, (only) while claiming 30 MPG combined. An AWD option is available in all trim levels, with Safety Sense ™  2.0 standard across the lineup.

Personally, I like the look, anticipated comfort and convenience features. As well as the simplified engine option and trim level selection. 3 is a good number.  

The advantage of gasoline/ electric hybrid

Producing greater torque, drivability and greater fuel efficiency, when combined with Toyota advanced electronic and comfort features, Sienna Minivan should be a market winner. With no pricing or specifications announced to date, the designed and built in the US Sienna will arrive at dealerships before the end of the year. Bob tells us that second row seating is first-class airline-like. I appreciate the ease of sliding side door openings with shoe-motion.

All New 2021 Venza Crossover

Dynamic styling punctuates Toyota Venza

Yet just another 2-row compact crossover?  I don’t think so. Although the Venza name  previously appeared in the Toyota lineup, this Venza looks like a Lexus, and is 100% Hybrid. Manufactured on Toyota’s TNG-K world platform, Venza brings cutting edge good looks and 219 combined horsepower to a very busy crossover segment. Yet, hybrid technology affords turbo-like high torque and horsepower without the turbocharger. 

Let’s see if Toyota gives us some electric-only drive range.  As stated by Toyota’s Jack Hollis, there’s nothing else in the lineup like Venza. I’m looking forward to driving one.  

Also available in all-wheel-drive, with Toyota’s electronic safety suite Safety Sense 2.0 standard equipped across all trim levels, 2021 Venza will come to market Summer 2020 claiming a combined 40 MPG. This should place Toyota’s latest crossover near the top of the class in fuel efficiency. 

Look for full  specifications and MSRP closer to the release date. If 2021 Venza drives as well as it looks, this oversized compact will be a market winner.

Toyota reaches for 2025 with greater electrification

Promising electrified options across the entire lineup, and selling 25% of all Toyotas in hybrid form by model year 2025 is Toyota’s realistic goal. The redesigned Sienna and all new Venza brings that model count to 11, including the Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicle. Watch today’s model reveal here. Toyota has sold 15 million electrified vehicles world wide. More than all other manufacturers combined.

Photo and video attributions: American Toyota 2021