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The mass electrification of the car is upon us

It’s been said of late that the car as we know it is headed for extinction. Although a dedicated muti-generational gearhead, I won’t shed a tear for the demise of the fossil-fueled internal combustion engine. I’m good with it! Don’t get me wrong, I love the sound of a well tuned turbocharged gasoline, or diesel fueled engine. But, as the polar caps melt, Beijing is chocked by unprecedented air pollution, and people of nations and territories across the globe contemplate a clean-air future, the electrified, well connected, accident avoidance equipped automobile will become the norm. 2017 marks a turning point in the evolution of personal conveyance. Be it a bicycle, motorcycle, car or light truck, electrification is fueling a transportation revolution unseen in well over 100 years.

Join me on a journey of evolution-revolution, revelation, and auto wonderment, as we explore the ever-evolving world of The Advanced Car. Here you will find the latest breaking news on car and truck development, alternative fuels, charge networks, and advancements in human to car connectivity. As we head into the third decade of the new millennium, we will see more advancements in the car over the next 6 years, that has been witnessed over the past 5 decades. Will your future mode of transportation be commanded and directed by a central traffic control command traffic center, or will you have the option of hands-on operation?  Will your car simply be an extension of your smartphone, home appliance or tablet computer? Or will you be one of millions car-sharing a vehicle owned by a Silicon Valley-based mega-provider?

Will your vehicle be a grid plug-in EV, or hydrogen fuel cell electric? Will hand gestures and voice control replace the smart-steering wheel we find in cars today? Will the freeways of tomorrow run inside a tube as proposed by Elon Musk? It’s coming quicker than you may think, and we have a voice in its development and subsequent government regulation. Come with me on the journey of a lifetime, as we bare witness to the reinvention of personal transportation.

I encourage your participation. We want to read about your latest development project, car innovation, or alternative vehicle drive and ride experience.  Are you interested in participating in influencing the evolution of the car? Bring it on. Your photos and short stories are always welcomed.


Parks R. McCants. Contributing Publisher The Advanced Car